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Henry's Traditional Tenor Ukulele - Mahogany Finish
Explore a fuller, richer ukulele voice with Henry's Traditional Tenor Ukulele, enveloped in a Mahogany Finish for standout tonal quality and aesthetic.
147.00 € 147.0 EUR
Henry's Premium Concert Ukulele - Mahogany Finish
Indulge in the warm, soulful tones of Henry's Premium Concert Ukulele, finished in Mahogany for a truly premium strumming experience.
142.00 € 142.0 EUR
Henry's Advanced Concert Ukulele - Koa Finish
Elevate your uke game with Henry's Advanced Concert Ukulele, sporting a Koa Finish for rich, nuanced tones that are as deep as your passion for music.
101.00 € 101.0 EUR
Henry's Advanced Soprano Ukulele - Koa Finish
Play with brilliance on Henry's Advanced Soprano Ukulele, finished in Koa for a sound as captivating as the island breeze.
96.00 € 96.0 EUR
Henry's Medium Concert Ukulele - Walnut Finish
Craft melodic tunes with Henry's Medium Concert Ukulele, graced with a Walnut Finish for a warm, inviting tone that's as natural as it is striking.
86.00 € 86.0 EUR
Henry's Medium Soprano Ukulele - Sapele Finish
Embrace the crisp, lively sound of the Henry's Medium Soprano Ukulele, featuring a Sapele Finish that's perfect for ukulele enthusiasts seeking clarity and projection.
76.00 € 76.0 EUR