Henry's Acoustic Heavy 010-047 Bronze Guitar Strings for 12 Strings Guitar


Fill the air with a chorus of harmonies using Henry's Acoustic Heavy Bronze Guitar Strings, specially designed to enrich the sound of your 12-string guitar.

Henry's Acoustic Heavy 010-047 Bronze Guitar Strings bring a new dimension of tonal depth to your 12-string guitar. Crafted to accentuate the rich textures and natural chorus effect of the instrument, these strings provide a combination of clarity and substantial presence.

  • Customized for 12-Strings: Tailored to enhance the distinctive chime and jangle of a 12-string guitar with balanced tension across all strings.
  • Bronze Material: Offers a warm, bright acoustic quality that perfectly complements the multi-string resonance.
  • Heavy Gauge: Adds body and volume to your guitar's sound, ensuring each doubled string sings with fullness and clarity.
  • Durable and Resonant: These strings hold their tuning and tonal quality, allowing you to focus on your playing.
  • Versatile for All Music Styles: Ideal for everything from folk ballads and country twang to the rich, layered textures of progressive rock and beyond.
  • Henry's Quality: As with all of Henry’s strings, expect nothing but the best in terms of durability and sound performance.

With Henry's Acoustic Heavy Bronze Strings for your 12-string guitar, every strum will carry the weight and beauty of a full acoustic ensemble, captivating listeners with every chord.

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13.00 € Tax Excluded

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