Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick - 1.14 mm


Elevate your playing with the precision and resilience of Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick at a robust 1.14 mm for dynamic performance.

Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick at 1.14 mm thickness is engineered for those who demand robustness and control to enhance their dynamic play.

  • Solid Thickness: The 1.14 mm gauge ensures strong pick action and heightened durability.
  • Quality Delrin Material: Known for its long-lasting durability, Delrin provides a consistently smooth experience.
  • Enhanced Control: Perfect for players looking for extra control to execute complex riffs and rhythms.
  • Bright White Finish: Stand out with a pick that's as visually striking as it is practical.
  • All-Purpose Pick: Ideal for various musical styles, providing versatility across your guitar playing needs.
  • Endurance for Performers: Withstands heavy playing, making it a reliable choice for gigging musicians.

With Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick, experience a blend of quality, durability, and playability that supports your musical expression at every level.

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4.00 € Tax Excluded

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