Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick Multipack - 1.14 mm


Master your string strikes with Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick Multipack, including six resilient 1.14 mm picks for superior tone and endurance.

When it comes to precision and durability, Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick Multipack delivers. Tailored for musicians who demand a little extra firmness for articulate notes, this pack contains six picks at a 1.14 mm gauge, offering a robust foundation for every strum.

  • Ample Supply: Six picks mean you're fully stocked for numerous sessions.
  • Thicker Gauge: The 1.14 mm thickness caters to those who prefer a substantial feel.
  • Crafted from Delrin: Enjoy the long-lasting, high-quality texture Delrin provides.
  • Consistency in Every Pick: Uniform production ensures reliable performance from every pick in the pack.
  • Classic Aesthetic: The bright white color offers a timeless look, ensuring your picks are as stylish as they are functional.
  • Versatile Use: Whether for intricate lead work or powerful rhythm playing, these picks handle it all with ease.

With Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick Multipack, you're investing in picks that promise to support your playing through practice and performance, giving you the confidence to hit every note with precision.

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13.00 € Tax Excluded

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