Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick - 0.60 mm


Experience precision play with Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick, your go-to for reliability and comfort at 0.60 mm thickness.

Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick is a standard in playability and performance. The 0.60 mm thickness strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and resistance, suitable for a variety of playing styles.

  • Medium Thickness: Ideal for players who prefer a middle-ground pick that combines control with a light touch.
  • Delrin Material: Known for its durability and smooth attack, Delrin ensures a consistent sound and a comfortable playing experience.
  • Clean Articulation: The pick's design allows for clear note definition, whether you're playing intricate melodies or driving rhythms.
  • Classic White: A sleek white pick isn't just about looks—it ensures your pick is visible against dark surfaces and stages.
  • Standard Choice: A trustworthy selection for everyday practice, studio sessions, or live performances.
  • Universal Fit: Its versatile size and material make it well-suited for both electric and acoustic guitars.

Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick is your classic companion on the musical journey, delivering quality you can feel with every strum.

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4.00 € Tax Excluded

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