Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick Variety Pack


Unleash the full potential of your play with Henry’s Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick Variety Pack, offering a selection of thicknesses for every style and technique.

The Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick Variety Pack is the ultimate collection for guitarists looking to fine-tune their sound. Including two picks of each standard thickness plus one Tritone pick, this pack caters to every nuance of your playing style.

  • Multiple Thicknesses: With two picks for each thickness, find your perfect touch for both rhythm and lead parts.
  • Tritone Versatility: The included Tritone pick adds multi-dimensional playability, giving you soft, medium, and hard edges all in one pick.
  • Quality Delrin Material: Known for its durability, Delrin offers a smooth playing experience and a dependable grip.
  • Convenient Variety Pack: Perfect for the guitarist who likes to experiment or needs to quickly switch between different playing styles.
  • Sleek White Aesthetic: The clean white finish not only stands out but also resists wear, keeping your picks looking new.
  • Adaptable Sound Range: From delicate arpeggios to aggressive power chords, this variety pack provides the flexibility to express any musical idea.

Whether you're practicing at home, recording in the studio, or performing live, Henry's Deltone White Delrin Guitar Pick Variety Pack equips you with the tools for full creative expression. Embrace the diversity of your music with the ideal pick at your fingertips.

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4.00 € Tax Excluded

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