Henry's Nyltone Yellow Nylon Guitar Pick Multipack - 0.71 mm


Strum the strings of vibrancy with Henry's Nyltone Yellow Nylon Guitar Pick, blending flexibility and durability for a seamless playing experience.

Henry's Nyltone Yellow Nylon Guitar Pick is meticulously designed for the dynamic guitarist. The 0.71 mm thickness offers a balanced pick that is neither too stiff nor too flexible.

  • Resilient Nylon: Enjoy long-lasting use with this durable nylon pick, able to withstand vigorous playing.
  • Medium Gauge: The 0.71 mm thickness is perfect for players who appreciate a medium gauge for a mix of strumming and picking.
  • Bright Yellow: The vibrant color not only adds visual flair but also makes the pick easy to find.
  • Grip and Control: Specially textured for a non-slip grip to maintain control and precision.
  • Versatile Dynamics: Suitable for various playing dynamics, providing a consistent and clear tone.
  • Packaging: Each pick comes in its own protective sleeve to ensure it stays in pristine condition until use.

The Henry's Nyltone Yellow Nylon Guitar Pick is an exceptional choice for guitarists seeking a dependable pick for any style.

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12.00 € Tax Excluded

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