Henry's Nyltone Brown Nylon Guitar Pick - 0.96 mm


Delve into the earthy tones of your guitar with Henry’s Nyltone Brown Nylon Pick, your go-to for a sturdy strumming experience.

Henry’s Nyltone Brown Nylon Guitar Pick is the reliable choice for guitarists who crave consistency and a comfortable grip.

  • Robust Nylon Material: Stands up to the most rigorous playing sessions with ease.
  • Optimal Thickness: At 0.96 mm, it offers a balance between flexibility and control for various playing styles.
  • Earthy Brown Hue: A classic look that reflects the deep, rich tones of your music.
  • Tactile Surface: Ensures a non-slip grip, even during the most intense performances.
  • Sound Clarity: Produces a clear, articulate sound suitable for all musical genres.
  • Single Pack: Each pick is individually wrapped for convenience and quality preservation.

Choose Henry’s Nyltone Brown Nylon Guitar Pick for its premium performance and sophisticated appearance.

3.00 € 3.0 EUR 3.00 € Tax Excluded

3.00 € Tax Excluded

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