Henry's Black Tortex Guitar Pick Pack - Variety


Unleash a spectrum of sound with Henry's Black Tortex Guitar Pick Pack, featuring a varied array of gauges for dynamic playability in a sleek 6-piece set.

Explore the edges of your musicality with the Henry's Black Tortex Guitar Pick Pack - Variety. This pack provides a versatile selection of gauges, each designed for a specific tonal quality and playing response.

  • Assorted Thicknesses: Contains two of each chosen thickness, catering to different playing styles and preferences.
  • Quality Material: Crafted from Tortex for a long-lasting grip and consistent performance.
  • Classic Black Finish: Understated and professional, ensuring these picks look as good as they sound.
  • Pack of Six: Perfect for players who want to experiment with their attack and articulation.

With a variety of thicknesses, this pack is ideal for guitarists who want to fine-tune their tone or switch up their style mid-set.

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