Henry's Softone Green Nylon Guitar Pick - 0.58 mm


Unlock the subtle nuances in your playing with the Henry's Softone Green Nylon Guitar Pick, designed for nuanced strums and detailed picking.

Henry's Softone Green Nylon Guitar Pick at 0.58 mm is a precision tool for guitarists who seek expressive softness and flexibility in their strumming and picking.

  • Flexible Nylon Material: Offers a comfortable and responsive feel for dynamic playing.
  • Lighter Gauge: The 0.58 mm thickness allows for gentle strums and nuanced tones.
  • Vibrant Green Color: Adds a pop of color to your musical setup and is easy to find on stage or in the studio.
  • Ergonomic Grip: Designed to stay firmly between your fingers, reducing fatigue during long playing sessions.
  • Crisp Sound Production: Delivers a soft touch to strings for clean and bright tones.
  • Single Pick: A great addition to your pick rotation, offering a different sound and feel.

Choose Henry's Softone Green Nylon Guitar Pick for a light, bright, and lively playing experience.

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3.00 € Tax Excluded

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