Henry's Softone White Nylon Guitar Pick - 0.81 mm


Deliver a perfect blend of strength and flexibility with Henry's Softone White Nylon Guitar Pick, crafted for precise control over your strumming.

Embrace the perfect balance with the Henry's Softone White Nylon Guitar Pick at 0.81 mm, engineered for guitarists who demand a versatile pick for a variety of playing styles.

  • Robust Nylon Build: Strong yet flexible to withstand vigorous playing while providing a comfortable grip.
  • Medium Gauge: The 0.81 mm thickness offers a great middle ground for both strumming and picking.
  • Sleek White Color: A classic look that stands out against your guitar and is easy to locate.
  • Controlled Performance: Achieve a tighter response and enhanced control over your playing dynamics.
  • Crisp, Clear Tones: Designed to produce bright and articulate sounds on the strings.
  • Single Pick: Ideal for players who frequently switch between aggressive and gentle playing techniques.

Henry's Softone White Nylon Guitar Pick is the go-to choice for dynamic players seeking versatility in their pick.

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3.00 € Tax Excluded

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