Henry's Textone Black Tortex Guitar Pick - 1.00 mm


Strum with confidence and precision using Henry's Textone Black Tortex Guitar Pick, engineered for durability and control at 1.00 mm thickness.

Master your music with Henry's Textone Black Tortex Guitar Pick, designed at a 1.00 mm gauge for robust playability and steadfast performance.

  • Tortex Material: Renowned for its durable, long-lasting properties and a matte surface that ensures a firm grip.
  • Heavy Gauge: The 1.00 mm thickness is perfect for players who require a sturdy pick for fast, intricate playing and commanding strumming.
  • Bold Black Color: Makes a striking statement and is easily noticeable on stage or in the studio.
  • Enhanced Control: The thicker gauge provides a strong, controlled attack on the strings.

Henry's Textone Black Tortex Guitar Pick is the ideal choice for guitarists who prefer a substantial feel and superior grip to drive their powerful performances.

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3.00 € Tax Excluded

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