Henry's Textone Black Tortex Guitar Pick Multipack - 1.00 mm


Elevate your playing with a 6-pack of Henry's Textone Black Tortex Picks, durable and precise at 1.00 mm for a commanding presence on the strings.

The Henry's Textone Black Tortex Guitar Pick Multipack - 1.00 mm is the definitive selection for guitarists seeking a bold, unwavering tone and reliable performance.

  • Multipack Offering: Contains 6 premium quality Tortex picks for consistent play and longevity.
  • Heavy Gauge: At 1.00 mm, these picks are designed for articulate picking and dynamic playing.
  • Signature Black Style: A classic aesthetic that stands out and remains visible on any surface.
  • Robust Tortex Material: Known for its excellent memory and minimal wear.

The 1.00 mm multipack is perfect for guitarists looking for a pick that can keep up with their rigorous playing demands.

12.00 € 12.0 EUR 12.00 € Tax Excluded

12.00 € Tax Excluded

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