Henry's Textone Black Tortex Guitar Pick Multipack - 0.73 mm


Find your groove with Henry's Textone Black Tortex Guitar Pick Multipack, featuring six 0.73 mm picks that provide versatility for every musical genre.

Henry's Textone Black Tortex Guitar Pick Multipack - 0.73 mm is the guitarist's versatile companion, offering the perfect balance between flexibility and precision for varied playing styles.

  • Versatile Pack of Six: Always have the right pick within reach for any playing situation.
  • Medium Gauge: These picks hit the sweet spot for both aggressive playing and delicate strumming.
  • Classic Black: Easy to find, hard to lose, and effortlessly cool.
  • Durable Tortex Make: Delivers a consistent quality of sound and feel that Tortex is famous for.

This multipack is ideal for players who frequently switch between different playing techniques and demand a reliable pick for every scenario.

12.00 € 12.0 EUR 12.00 € Tax Excluded

12.00 € Tax Excluded

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