Henry's Ukulele Black Nylon 0252-0280 Strings


Craft each ukulele melody with precision and warmth using Henry's Black Nylon Strings, bringing a rich, full sound to your concert ukulele.

Henry's Ukulele Black Nylon 0252-0280 Strings are the perfect match for ukulele players who want to combine deep, mellow tones with the bright, cheerful sound that ukuleles are known for. Designed for concert ukuleles, these strings offer a balanced blend of playability and tonal quality.

  • Optimized Thickness: The gauges from .0252 to .0280 provide a balanced tension, making them easy to press and comfortable for extended playing sessions.
  • Black Nylon: Delivers a smooth feel and a warm, rich tone that enhances the ukulele's natural sound.
  • Durability: These non-coated nylon strings offer longevity and consistent performance, ensuring a stable sound through hours of playing.
  • Versatile Sound: Suitable for a variety of playing styles, from strumming to fingerpicking, providing clarity and volume.
  • Quality Construction: Every string is meticulously crafted to produce a clear, resonant sound that ukulele players love.
  • Universal Fit: Designed for concert ukuleles, these strings are compatible with a wide range of instruments, making them a go-to choice for ukulele enthusiasts.

Whether you're a practicing musician or performing artist, Henry's Ukulele Black Nylon Strings will make every strum count, giving your music a soulful expression that resonates with audiences.

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5.00 € Tax Excluded

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