Henry's Ukulele Crystal Clear Nylon 0252-0280 Strings


Strike a chord of pure joy with Henry's Ukulele Crystal Clear Nylon Strings, designed to deliver a bright, lively tone for your concert ukulele.

Henry's Ukulele Crystal Clear Nylon 0252-0280 Strings bring a brilliant tonal clarity to your ukulele play. Meticulously engineered for concert ukuleles, these strings offer the crisp sound and comfortable playability that both beginners and professionals seek.

  • Optimal Gauge Range: With .0252 to .0280 measurements, these strings balance flexibility and durability for a smooth playing experience.
  • Crystal Clear Nylon: Produces a pure, bright tone that enhances the ukulele's natural voice, perfect for a variety of musical styles.
  • Long-Lasting Quality: These strings resist wear and maintain their clear tone over time, ideal for frequent play.
  • Playability and Comfort: The strings' comfortable feel allows for easy fretting and agile movement across the fingerboard.
  • Consistent Sound: Every string set is quality checked to ensure the best sound performance and reliability.
  • Versatile Tone: Whether for intimate acoustic sessions or lively strumming, these strings adapt to your unique style.

Embrace the clear, resonant, and expressive sound of Henry's Ukulele Crystal Clear Nylon Strings and let your music shine through with every note.

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8.00 € Tax Excluded

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