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752 2 henry s daily acoustic guitar dark wood grain finish

Henry`s Daily Acoustic Guitar - Dark Wood Grain Finish offers great sound quality with its solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany body. This guitar delivers exceptional value,...

905 2 henry s acoustic medium 011 052 phosphor bronze guitar strings

Henry`s Acoustic Medium 011-052 Phosphor Bronze Guitar Strings provide rich, warm tones and robust durability. Ideal for versatile playing styles.

1019 2 henry s buttone orange special resin guitar pick 2 00 mm

Henry`s Buttone Orange Special Resin Guitar Pick - 2.00 mm offers luxurious craftsmanship with no tonal change, ideal for nylon and other strings. This pick provides excellent...




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"Henry’s is a young and dynamic brand dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the guitar and music industry. We approach each product with individuality and a personal touch, aiming for design, color, and functionality that exceed the needs of musicians. Our guitar accessories, lifestyle products, and especially our instruments are conceived by real musicians and specialists on our team.


A standout example is our Relic electric guitars, available in three special series: Snake, Space, and Destiny. These guitars embody the essence of the Henry’s brand, combining a bold attack on tradition with impeccable design and modern flair. In 2023, our innovative approach made a significant impact at the GUITA SUMMIT in Mannheim, where we showcased our brand and our unique perspective on the guitar world.


Visitors praised our innovative solutions for guitarists, including special products like the guitar sleeve, manicure set, the unique Buttone pick series, and educational packaging for guitar strings. Henry’s is becoming an integral part of the guitar world, and we are ready to play alongside you."

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HENRY’S Buttone Orange Special Resin Guitar Pick - 2.00 mm

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