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Dive into a story that harmonizes a family's legacy with the heartbeat of Prague's musical finesse. At Henry's Music, we're not just a brand; we're a symphony of tradition and innovation, striking chords across the globe since 1967. Uncover the journey of a father, a visionary export manager during the vibrant era of Czechoslovakian craftsmanship, who laid the foundations for what would become a thriving music hub. From the fall of communism to the establishment of Praha Music Center Ltd., to the blossoming of Henry's Music as part of a multi-company enterprise, our tale is rich with passion and dedication. With a turnover exceeding 20 million EUR and a deep commitment to empowering musicians, we invite you to step into our world. Click below to feel the rhythm of our journey and discover why every strum, beat, and note at Henry's Music is a legacy in tune.  

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