Our Instruments in action

Our Instruments in action: Dave Gates in O2 Aréna, Prague

You can hear Henry's guitars both on studio recordings and on big stages. Precise processing, materials, ergonomic shapes, balance between classic and modern approach and design, directly encourage you to jump on stage or compose in the studio. Join the sound of Henry's.

Dave Gates

Guitarist Dawe Gates, who worked in pop singer Annabelle's band, was the first musician to try Henry's Relic series guitars on the big stage. Dawe is a modern guitarist who, with his dynamic expressive playing, mixing of guitar techniques, expressive movement on stage and, last but not least, a well-thought-out image, needs an instrument that meets a number of specifications.

o2 dawe

For his expression, he chose the Black Mamba model from the Snake series, which meets all the requirements that Dawe needs. Great sound, light weight and design. Dawe is a very active musician who plays a lot of concerts, but the biggest test of Henry's guitar was the concert in Prague's O2 Arena.

o2 dwe 2

Introducing of Snake Series


Embrace the allure of the Snake Series, where classic Stratocaster inspiration meets the mystique and elegance of a serpent. This series strikes a balance between vintage charm and modern playability, perfect for musicians who traverse the realms of blues, rock, and beyond. 

Key Features and Benefits: 

Phoenix Wood Body: Offers a lightweight yet sonorous experience, ideal for long sessions and vibrant performances.  Thin C Neck Profile: Designed for speed and comfort, facilitating swift finger movements and complex chords.  HSS Pickup Configuration: A versatile setup that provides a wide array of tones suitable for clean rhythms to aggressive leads. Premium Hardware: Includes locking tuners and a vintage-style bridge to enhance tuning stability and sustain. Relic Finish: Each guitar sports a unique, worn appearance that adds character and a vintage feel to the instrument. 

 From Our Product Specialist for Snake Series: "The Snake Series is a dream realized for many guitarists. Its Stratocaster-inspired design does not merely mimic but enhances the guitar’s feel with modern touches like Phoenix wood for lightness and resonance, roasted maple necks for stability, and a versatile HSS pickup configuration for tonal diversity. The relic finish adds a personalized vintage charm that makes each piece uniquely yours." 


Introducing of Relic Series


Dive into the heritage-rich and forward-thinking Relic Series, where traditional forms meet modern innovations in a lineup designed to cater to both classic and cutting-edge musicians. This series comprises three distinct sub-series: Snake, Space, and Destiny, each offering unique characteristics and tailored to specific musical styles and needs.  

Relic series

From Our Product Specialist for Snake Series: "The Relic series from Henry's is something I've always wanted to do. I've tried to project into these guitars everything I've absorbed in the guitar world over the past 25 years. I've had the honor of working with the biggest brands in the industry , to collaborate with the big names in the guitar world and dissolve all of that into our guitars.