Introducing of Snake Series


Embrace the allure of the Snake Series, where classic Stratocaster inspiration meets the mystique and elegance of a serpent. This series strikes a balance between vintage charm and modern playability, perfect for musicians who traverse the realms of blues, rock, and beyond. 

Key Features and Benefits: 

Phoenix Wood Body: Offers a lightweight yet sonorous experience, ideal for long sessions and vibrant performances.  Thin C Neck Profile: Designed for speed and comfort, facilitating swift finger movements and complex chords.  HSS Pickup Configuration: A versatile setup that provides a wide array of tones suitable for clean rhythms to aggressive leads. Premium Hardware: Includes locking tuners and a vintage-style bridge to enhance tuning stability and sustain. Relic Finish: Each guitar sports a unique, worn appearance that adds character and a vintage feel to the instrument. 

 From Our Product Specialist for Snake Series: "The Snake Series is a dream realized for many guitarists. Its Stratocaster-inspired design does not merely mimic but enhances the guitar’s feel with modern touches like Phoenix wood for lightness and resonance, roasted maple necks for stability, and a versatile HSS pickup configuration for tonal diversity. The relic finish adds a personalized vintage charm that makes each piece uniquely yours."