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In the highly competitive landscape of musical instrument manufacturing and sales, forging strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with dealers is paramount. As a leading manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars, ukuleles, and a range of accessories, our company offers a unique value proposition that sets our partners apart in the market. This article delves into the distinct advantages we provide to our dealers, reinforcing why becoming a partner can significantly enhance their business and profitability.

Comprehensive Support and Financial Benefits

High Profit Margins

Dealers enjoy above-industry-standard profit margins due to our competitive pricing strategy. With a standard 40% discount off the recommended retail prices and an additional 10% discount for pre-orders, our dealers can achieve up to 50% off, maximizing their profit potential on every sale.

Minimized Inventory Risk

Our instruments are not only in high demand but also have a proven record of quick market turnover—typically sold within three weeks. This rapid sales cycle minimizes inventory risk and ensures that capital isn’t tied up in unsold stock, fostering a fluid cash flow for our dealers.

Tailored Product Offerings 

We actively listen to our dealers to understand market trends and customer behaviors. This feedback loop allows us to tailor our products, such as electric and acoustic guitars, guitar accessories, and digital pianos, to meet regional demands effectively. Our adaptive product strategy ensures that our dealers always have the best-suited inventory for their market.  

Marketing and Sales Support

Exclusive Marketing Campaigns

We collaborate with our dealers on marketing campaigns, including exclusive launches and promotional events, to boost brand visibility and attract more customers to their stores.

Sales Training and Support

Our comprehensive sales training equips dealer staff with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively sell and promote our products. We ensure that our dealers’ sales teams understand the unique features and benefits of our products, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.  

Tailored Inventory Advice

Recognizing the diverse needs of different markets, we provide personalized inventory management advice. This support helps dealers maintain optimal stock levels, ensuring a 4-month supply as per our agreement, thus avoiding both overstocking and stockouts.

Innovative Product Development

Handcrafted Quality

Each of our products, including handmade guitar picks crafted in the Czech Republic, reflects our commitment to quality and innovation. Our dealers are proud to sell items that are not only high in demand but also renowned for their superior craftsmanship.

Industry Expertise

Our deep industry knowledge, backed by decades of experience in music and instrument design by our R&D staff, guarantees that every product stands out in quality and appeal. This expertise not only enhances our product range but also elevates our dealers' reputation in the market.


Partnering with us goes beyond simple transactional relationships; it’s about joining a network dedicated to mutual growth and success. By choosing to work with us, dealers not only gain access to high-quality, high-demand products but also enjoy comprehensive support aimed at maximizing their sales and profitability. We are committed to expanding our presence across Europe and we invite dealers with a vision for growth and a commitment to excellence to join us in this journey.

Join Our Brand

If you are a dealer interested in taking advantage of the benefits we offer, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our partnership opportunities and begin the process of joining our network. Let's make music together.

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