Our Story

In the historic city of Prague, known for its artistic heartbeat, the inception of Henry's Music marked the beginning of a new era in the musical instruments industry. It's a tale not of an heirloom business, but a personal symphony composed by a visionary with a profound passion for music. Founded on innovation and a longing to create a space where music isn't just sold, but given a place to flourish, Henry's Music has become a haven for the melodic art form.

Tracing roots back to 1967, my connection to music is deep and personal. My father, a key figure in the music industry during the communist era, served as an export overseer, responsible for introducing iconic Czechoslovak brands like Petrof and Cremona to the global stage. Post-1989, as the tides turned and communism waned, he founded Praha Music Center Ltd., pioneering the import of legendary names such as Marshall, and laying the foundation for our family’s continued legacy in the industry.


Now, Henry's Music, a part of a multi-company enterprise steered by my years of experience—having honed my expertise since the age of 13 in my father's shop—is a culmination of decades of dedication. From professional audio distribution to our very own brand, Henry's Music, our collective ventures boast an annual turnover exceeding 10 million EUR.

Our Prague headquarters, with its pulsing heart in Louny's central warehouse, is a modern monument to this storied past. Each instrument we curate is meticulously chosen, ensuring that it carries with it the magic of its creation to the moment it lands in the hands of our customers.


Beyond commerce, we've built a community where teachers, hobbyists, pros, and beginners converge in a shared passion for music. Our commitment extends to hosting festivals, workshops, and supporting emerging talents, nurturing a rich musical ecosystem that thrives on collective growth and support.

As we stride forward, we uphold a pledge to sustainability and social accountability, intertwining our love for melody with a respect for the earth. At Henry's Music, every strum, every beat is a step toward enriching the world with music.

Join us on this melodious journey, as we continue to connect, inspire, and transform the global music scene, one note at a time. Here's to the music that binds us and the stories we'll create together, in harmony, across the globe.

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